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Range of activity

DCF Consulting services include comprehensive consultancy in the range of management and finance,
and European funds acquisition and management.  DCF Consulting specializes in the following services:
Corporate finance
  1. Preparation of finance models and plans.
  2. Development and audit of business plans and feasibility studies.
  3. Preparation of enterprise valuation.
  4. Consultancy in the range of mergers and takeovers.
  5. Financial outsourcing.
  6. Arrangement of investment project financing (banks, venture capital).
  7. Consultancy connected with structuring  and arrangement of export contract financing within trade – export finance.
Business consultancy
  1. Working out of enterprise development strategy, restructuring and implementation of corrective programs.
  2. Designing and implementation of controlling systems.
European Funds
  1. Consultancy in the range of EU resources acquisition and management of projects carried out by enterprises, local governments and public sector units.
  2. Consultancy within every stage of the process of applying for external financing sources.
  3. Development of functional/programme concepts for planned investments partially financed from European funds.
  4. Preparation of analyses and expertises concerning selected problems and aspects connected with acquisition of resources from European and other funds and with project implementation.
  5. Development of feasibility studies, financial analyses, applications for subsidies for investment projects from structural funds and another European and domestic funds available as well as development
    of required attachments.
  6. Preparation of applications together with obligatory attachments for soft projects including training.
  7. Formal integration of full project documentation and its submission at intermediary/managing institutions for operational programs.
  8. Service as regards management of investment and soft projects partially financed from resources other than domestic ones,
    in particular in the range of monitoring, settlements and accountancy.
Financial settlement of EU projects
  1. Preparation of quarterly applications for payment.
  2. Development of the document flow chart within the project.
  3. Cost control in order to qualify them on the basis of invoice description.
  4. Supervision as regards a project budget execution.
  5. Support for description of financial documents connected with project realization.
  6. Internal financial control in the range of financial resources transferred for disposal during project realization.
  7. Working visits at site if necessary.
  8. Participation in control and audit activities carried on by Intermediary Institution (II) and another authorized organs.
  9. Contacts with II and continuous monitoring and consultancy in the range of project.
Financial training
  1. Realization of closed training projects in the range of finance, management and human resources.
  2. Realization of open training projects in the range of finance, management and human resources.

Our key resource is knowledge thanks to which we can offer solutions fully corresponding to our Customers’ needs and challenges arisen on the market.

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