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Financial settlements of EU projects

Acquisition of a subsidy for intended undertaking realization, i.e. signature of the financial agreement with the Intermediary Institution, is only the first step do reach full success. When signing the financial agreement, a Beneficiary is not well aware of liabilities and requirements to be fulfilled to obtain the subsidy. The correct project realization needs the current monitoring of individual elements, i.e. the work progress both in material and financial range.

We offer a service consisting in project management and financial settlement of project to Beneficiaries that have received EU support regardless of source of origin of this support.  We have experience in project management and settlement within different operational programmes.

The packet of services offered within the comprehensive project management includes first of all:
  • Preparation of quarter, annual and final reports for project realization and completion of these documents,
  • Preparation of quarter and final applications for payment and completion of these documents,
  • Cost control in order to qualify them on the basis of invoice description,
  • Internal financial control as regards financial resources transferred for disposal during project realization,
  • Current tracking of budget execution to use free resources effectively and to make relevant shifts among tasks / activities specified in the budget,
  • Evaluation and verification of contractors’ offers and offers from equipment and service suppliers,
  • Current monitoring of succeeding in the project,
  • Verification of any deviations from the project schedule including keeping the Beneficiary informed immediately on possible delay in the project realization,
  • Participation in supervision of informational and promotional activities planned within the project,
  • Working visits at site at least once a month and if necessary,
  • Constant cooperation and consultancy for the beneficiary’s employees involved in the project,
  • Cooperation with subcontractors involved in project realization,
  • Participation in control and audit activities carried on by authorized institutions,
  • Contacts with Intermediary Institution and continuous monitoring and consultancy in the range of project.

Experience and professionalism of DCF Consulting’s staff guarantee due and competent project settlement and management while meeting all formal requirements.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us!