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Corporate finance

The following DCF Consulting’s services are available within the Corporate Finance:

Valuation of an enterprise:

  • Indication and justification of methods used for the subject valuation (depending on specificity of the subject being evaluated and a purpose of the valuation),
  • Collection of information needed to work out the valuation (analysis of macroeconomic reports, analysis of trade reports, interviews with specialists knowing the firm’s specificity and the market where the firm offers its services, the pricer’s own studies),
  • Development of financial models used during the valuation process,
  • Valuation of shares or stocks of the subject being evaluated (and also valuation of allocations of economic subjects),
  • Elaboration of a valuation report containing description of assumptions adopted and valuation methodology.
Valuation of intangibles:
  • Identification of valuation purpose and characteristics,
  • Specification of an appropriate valuation method (income, cost and market methods),
  • Model preparation and identification of input data availability for the model,
  • Preparation of analytic valuation report including valuation assumptions, its process and result of the final financial model.
Financial modelling and planning:
  • Development of model concept depending on a project specificity,
  • Preparation of preliminary model outline and identification of input data availability for the model,
  • Development of preliminary model shape on the basis of information concerning model purposes, a project specificity and input data availability,
  • Preparation of a financial model,
  • Supply of the model with input data and verification of its function correctness.
Mergers and takeovers:
  • Consultancy in the range of takeover or merger strategy,
  • Consultancy during due diligence process,
  • Valuation of a company being taken over,
  • Consultancy as regards negotiations,
  • Comprehensive transaction realization and supervision including coordination of another subcontractors (eg. auditors, lawyers).
Investment project financing (banks, venture capital):
  • Analysis of project realisability and profitability,
  • Development of optimum financing structure,
  • Preparation of documentation allowing financing acquisition,
  • Support for Customers during negotiations with an external financing subject.
Development of business plan and feasibility study:
  • Identification of business plan purposes,
  • Development of market analysis (market characteristics, subjects acting on the market, trends, forecasts concerning development and possible changes),
  • Preparation of SWOT and 5 Porter’s forces analyses,
  • Development of marketing plan (characteristics of a product and potential customers, customer segmentation, price fixing process, distribution channel identification, promotion methods),
  • Preparation of operational activity plan (company management process organization, manpower management methods, plan of use of individual capital assets within business activity),
  • Development of investment schedule,
  • Development of financial plan (assumptions for financial analysis, investment outlays,  sources for project financing, planned income and project cost values, calculation of working capital demand, analysis of project profitability and feasibility, risk analysis, financial analysis summary).
Financial outsourcing:
  • Outsourcing for activities connected with development of financial analyses, investment plans and another activities from the range of advanced financial analysis and business analyses.
Arrangement of export contract financing within trade-export finance:
  • development of an optimal financing structure,
  • preparation of the documentation to obtain financing,
  • Client support at the stage of negotiations with an external parties (banks, Export Credit Insurance Corporation, the exporter, investor).

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