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Business consultancy

The following DCF Consulting’s services are available within the Business Consultancy:

Working out of enterprise development strategy, restructurings and implementation of corrective programs:

  • Functional area diagnosis,
  • We identify possible optimization areas,
  • Development and implementation of target operational model,
  • Designing of organizational structure adapted to the strategy.
Designing and implementation of controlling systems:
  • Audit of the controlling system existing currently at the company (if any),
  • Appointment of a working team in the enterprise and a person to coordinate a whole project realization (board member – change sponsor, chief accountant, Financial Department, IT Department, external adviser – key information receivers as an advisory body but not decision-making one that does not take part in the team works),
  • Development of the firm description in detail, existing systems and procedures connected with parameters and method of controlling system implementation (detailed description of manufacturing, engineering and sale processes, description of organizational structure, description of chart of accounts, note of charges system and used accountancy rules, description of budgeting system),
  • Development of requirements for the new controlling system – on the basis of conclusions from the audit of the existing controlling system and company board expectations,Development of a concept of functioning and implementation of the new controlling system adapted to company’s needs and management staff’s requirements. This stage includes: acceptation of settlement / premium rules for profit centres, division of profit centres into low-grade units (cost centres – so called MPK), adaptation of cost records system to the structure of liability for costs (creation of cost records system allowing booking of generic costs to the liability centres), development of budgeting system, preparation of reporting system,
  • Adaptation of IT system to the needs of the developed controlling system,
  • Implementation – introduction of individual persons into tasks and competences as regards the controlling system functioning,
  • Audit of the implemented controlling system – verification of correct functioning of the implemented controlling tools.

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